Prefabricated Steel Plates

A650TE offers full list of storage tank parts.

We are the go to source for prefabricated storage tanks. We supply prefabricated parts done individually according to the project requirements, just in time and ready to weld and install.

Complete service from one and the same source for the construction of new or the retrofitting of existing systems. We provide complete service that covers consultation and advice, technical design, production and assembly. It goes without saying that our products conform to international standards.

Product Range

Fully prefabricated steel plates ready to weld on site for an easy, fast and professional tank installation.
Product range (acc. to: ASTM, EN-14015, API650, CE and GOST):

100% prefabricated

Our prefabricated steel plates for your API 650 tank are tailored to your project requirements:

Fully equiped facilities

We Provide the Best Products in The Industry​

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