Accessories for EFR

A650TE offers a comprehensive line of accesories for External Floating Roof Tanks. Constructed with a variety of materials for product compatibility, our accessories are customized for each specific application. Our Drain Solutions will perfectly fit your requirements. All our Solutions are engineered with safety top of mind.

Complete service from one and the same source for the construction of new or the retrofitting of existing systems. We provide complete service that covers consultation and advice, technical design, production and assembly. It goes without saying that our products conform to international standards.

Roof Drain Bend Master

bend master

Advantages over swivel joint drains:

Conventional Swivel joint drains will eventually leak and require periodic maintenance. Tank cleaning costs are extremely expensive. Our drain joints will give a maintenance free life of more than 15 years. Only 4 Drain joints/line are required. This makes our drain much cheaper, simpler, lighter and easier to install.

Advantages over hose drains:

All types of drain hoses have problems from time to time interfering with floating roof landing legs. This results in premature drain failure. Drain hoses can have problems with their own buoyancy, they must be very heavy to overcome their own displaced weight. Our drains will always remain within the same narrow operating corridor, and will never interfere with landing legs because of the fixed geometry of our Drain system.

Roof Drain Stop Spill

stop spill

Primarily designed for floating roof storage tank drain systems, tank farm dike drain systems and wastewater treatment facilities, STOP SPILL remains open during normal operation, allowing rainwater and non-hydrocarbon liquids to flow and drain from the tank or dike area. However, should hydrocarbons enter the liquid flow, the internal sensing characteristics of the STOP SPILL cause it to automatically close, containing the problem and protecting the environment.

STOP SPILL has been designed for trouble-free performance. Since this valve is mechanically actuated, replacement of the Hydrocarbon Sensing Element upon repair of the source of the hydrocarbon leak source will reset the actuator. Winter freeze-ups are reduced because the drainage system can remain open due to STOP SPILL monitoring the liquid flow.

STOP SPILL Hydrocarbon Sensing Valves are available in 4″ Diameter size, with 150# flanges. The rugged aluminum and stainless steel construction of this full flow valve offers lightweight plus long service life durability and strength. STOP SPILL makes good economic and environmental sense.

Roof Drain Float Check Valve

float check valve

Float Check Valve is operated in line with roof drain systems to prevent a possible overflow product from floating roof tank at the time of drain leakage situation. Whether drain line cause leakage, the valve closes automatically inside of drain sump and prevent oil flow from the tank.

Detail Description
1. Float Check Valve is designed to operate inside of the drain sump in connection with complete drainage systems on the tank.
2. When the stainless ball floats inside of the valve, the drain systems will be closed. So, it prevents overflow product of the drain system to keep oil spillage on the floating tank.

Flexible Roof Drain System

flexible drain system

Extremely flexible, easy to handle and bend, our FLEXIBLE DRAIN SYSTEM is used for immersion inside storage tanks, for water drainage from the floating roofs. FLEXIBLE DRAIN SYSTEM hoses are specifically designed to resist immersion in high aromatic or corrosive liquids with a temperature range from -40 to +100°C and, thanks to its construction, prevent any possible collapse due to the external pressure.

The hose is specifically engineered to have a negative buoyancy, this to prevent the hose floating in the tank liquid. Upon request it is possible to apply a longitudinal colored stripe on each hose, to ensure correct alignment. Clamps and chains for roof attachment are supplied on request. All hoses are 100% aromatic resistant, electrically continuous, antistatic and can be used for suction or discharge.

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