Aluminum Geodesic Dome

A650TE offers a comprehensive line of aluminum geodesic dome roofs.

Our dome features a clear-span, all-aluminum, lightweight, corrosion-resistant structure which sets a new standard for performance in aluminum geodesic domes.

It offers particular protection against potential leak points including dome hubs, main panel seams, & roof penetration points such as gauge poles, walkways or other tank appurtenances.

Our dome can be installed while a tank is in-service and can be engineered for new tanks or retrofitted ones.

Complete service from one and the same source for the construction of new or the retrofitting of existing systems. We provide complete service that covers consultation and advice, technical design, production and assembly. It goes without saying that our products conform to international standards.

Geodesic Dome Roofs

Geodesic aluminum domes are the preferred cover solution for any storage application. The Aluminum Dome is a fully triangulates structure designed as a self-supporting dome roof where by only its outer edge is connected to the tank shell around the outer rim. The domes are fabricated from high strength Aluminum alloys that resist corrosion as well as chemical, ultraviolet and ozone degradation.

Leak Protection

Maximum weather-tightness

Case by case engineering

Retrofit or new tanks

Cost Effective

Low cost of ownership


Fixed or sliding shoe connections

Complete prefabrication

Prepunched and drilled

Fast Installation

No hot work on site

Corrosion-free. Cost effective. Easy installation. Easy retrofit.

We Provide the Best Products in The Industry​

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